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Bluetooth® Adapter

  • Bluetooth® Adapter

For ECO2, Essence PRO, Vantage Lite2, Vantage Lite, Essence VT, and Springboard Lite (Must buy internal Bluetooth® Module at time of purchase). Works with both PC & MAC.

The BT Adapter also works with all Accent products.

  • No software to load - it is incorporated into the adapter.
  • Use Unity®or WordCoreTMto create documents on your computer. Fewer hits make creating a report or document much more efficient.
  • Navigate your computer screen using your communication device keyboard as your mouse.
  • The Bluetooth adapter has a wide range. Your communication aid and the adapter do not have to "see" each other like infrared devices do. You can be across the room from the computer in any direction and the connection will still be made.

Small, easy to use, and wireless!

  • Plug the Bluetooth Adapter into your computer's USB port.
  • Press the "switch" icon on the Bluetooth Adapter.
  • Select "Output Menu" from the Toolbox of your communication device.
  • Select the "Pair with BT Adapter" option.
  • Once "pairing" is complete, exit the OUTPUT MENU and go to your SPELL or MINSPEAK®overlay.
  • On your computer, open a new word processing document or any application that will accept typing.
  • Begin typing on your communication device.
  • The information you type, whether in MINSPEAK®or SPELL Mode will appear on your computer screen and you are ready to print or distribute your document!
  • Brand: PRC
  • Product Code: BTA
  • $250.00