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Dedicated / Integrated Configurations

Dedicated devices are devices that are configured to meet the funding requirements of Medicare, Medicaid and most other funding sources. Dedicated devices mean that the device is "locked down" and unable to access various features of the device. Features that are disabled in dedicated devices include access to the Windows/iOS/Android "desktop," calculators, calendars, music players, etc. (features vary by device).

Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance clients can "unlock" their device (add the "integrated feature pack) for $25 after the device is received. Medicare clients will also be required to submit a signed Advanced Beneficiary Notification (ABN) with their payment. For more information or to request an ABN, please contact the PRC Funding Department at (800) 268-5224 or Email: funding@prentrom.com.

Self-pay customers can "unlock" their device at the time of purchase by selecting the "integrated feature pack" option available on Accent®/PRiO®/TouchChat® Express/Via Pro devices, or selecting the "Standard" or "Plus" model on NovaChat® or ChatFusion™ devices.