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Strap Handle

  • Strap Handle

Fits models with serial numbers 5000AC10 and above. The Strap Handle is made of rugged foam rubber material with stitched sides and leather reinforced ends for a durable, tear-resistant construction. It provides an alternative to the hard plastic handles which can be used to gain leverage on the device and slam it into a table, floor or other object, damaging the device or worse.

The Strap Handle (as seen in the photo gallery) can be attached across the top, bottom or diagonally so the device can be cradled in one hand. It can also be used with PRC's NuPoint® head pointing.

The Strap Handle kit includes:

  • Two loop connectors to attach the handle to the device.
  • Cover plate to protect the NuPoint port when the plastic handle is not in use.
  • Installation instructions.
  • The attached photos show the Strap Handle attached to the 1000 (models with serial numbers 10000AC10 and higher).

The Strap Handle can be used with the Accent® 1000 (models with serial numbers 5000AC10 and above) and Accent 800. However, it is not intended to be used with the Accent 1400.

  • Brand: PRC
  • Product Code:17926
  • $25.00

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