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Voices are at the heart of our apps and communication devices! PRC-Saltillo offers the most comprehensive selection of voices available:

  • Accent: Ivona default; add Acapela (English or Spanish)/Nuance for free at time of order
  • NovaChat®: Ivona voices default; can select Acapela (English or Spanish/English) as an add-on at time of order
  • Via® Pro/TouchChat®: Almagu and Acapela default
  • Via Pro/LAMP Words for Life®: Almagu and Ivona default; can add Acapela as in-app purchase
  • Via Pro/Dialogue®: Almagu/Voice Keeper default

Available in U.S. English:

  • Eric
  • Jennifer
  • Joey
  • Kendra
  • Kimberly
  • Salli
  • Ivy (child voice)
  • Justin (child voice)

Available in U.S. Spanish:

  • Miguel
  • Penelope


Acapela is a text to speech (TTS) option available for all Accent, NovaChat and Via Pro devices and within PRC-Saltillo apps. 

Acapela English Suite includes: US/UK/AUS English; child and adult voices (incl Ella/Josh/Scott); African American English voices (Tamira/Damien, two new AAE child voices coming soon)

Acapela Spanish Suite includes: US/SPA Spanish; adult voices; child Spanish/English voices (incl Valeria/Emilio)

Below are samples of some of the Acapela voices:

Voice Samples

U.S. English – Ella

U.S. English – Josh

U.S. English – Scott

U.S. English, African-American Adult Female – Tamira

European Bilingual: English – Emilio

European Bilingual: Spanish – Emilio

North American Bilingual: English – Valeria

North American Bilingual: Spanish – Valeria

Acapela Suite

Adult voices:

  • Heather
  • Karen
  • Kenny
  • Laura
  • Micah
  • Nelly
  • Rod
  • Ryan
  • Saul
  • Sharon
  • Tamira
  • Taylor
  • Tracy
  • Will

Nuance voices are available as a free add-on at time of purchase for Accent® devices.

Voices available:

  • Allison
  • Ava
  • Samantha
  • Susan
  • Tom

Inclusive Voices by Almagu

New! Inclusive Voices by Almagu offers an ethnically and age-diverse collection of synthetic voices. Included by default in LAMP Words for Life, TouchChat and Dialogue AAC apps. Coming soon to Accent/NovaChat.

Hear for yourself:

The DEC Talk synthesized voices were the original voices used in AAC devices. They remain available in Accent only, specifically for customers who have had DECTalk as their voice for years.

Voices available:

  • Paul
  • Betty
  • Harry
  • Dennis
  • Frank
  • Rita
  • Wendy
  • Kit

PRC-Saltillo partners with The VoiceKeeper and Acapela to ensure that everyone who uses AAC can create their own unique voice.

The VoiceKeeper

The VoiceKeeper logoCreate a fun and unique voice made easy!

The VoiceKeeper allows adults facing the prospect of losing their ability to speak the opportunity to record their voice for later use with an AAC device. And, for children who are unable to speak, the VoiceKeeper gives them and their families the option to choose their own "voice model" to create a voice that matches them.

The Voice Keeper is available for free on LAMP Words for Life, TouchChat, and Dialogue AAC. It can be integrated into Accent devices.

Acapela My Own Voice

My Own Voice by Acapela is available at It can be downloaded into all PRC-Saltillo devices and apps.