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Accent 1400 Keyguard Kit

  • Accent 1400 Keyguard Kit
84 location keyguard pictured as a sample.

The keyguard allows the Accent 1400 to be set up for specific locations to accommodate a wide range of cognitive and motor skills. Using the keyguard with the 1400 requires the device frame that came with the 1400. If a replacement frame is needed please go to Accent device frame replacements.

The keyguards and Special Order Keyguards have rectangular openings as shown in the picture.

The following keyguards are available in .183" thick polycarbonate; 84 and 144 locations.

The following keyguards are available in .300" thick polycarbonate; 8,15,28,36, 84 XT and 144 XT

For information about Custom Keyguards, please contact PRC Inside Sales at  1-800-262-1933 
  • Brand: PRC
  • Product Code: 17342
  • $0.00

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