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Clarity Symbol Set

  • Clarity Symbol Set

Clarity is a colorful symbol set from Liberator (a PRC company). This symbol set comprises over 40,000 symbols covering all aspects of language use. Many of the symbols contain grammatical markers to help learners to develop language, syntax and literacy skills. Clarity Symbols are rule driven and logical. They are easy to understand and teach.

Clarity supports education by

  • providing 3D pictures of computer keys to allow for the creation of unique user-specific keyboards;
  • including homophones and homonyms to help reduce the inappropriate use of the symbols;
  • allowing you to change the picture-word labels depending on a client's personal preferences; and
  • including symbols to support interacting with literacy such as turn the page, and point to the word.

    Using Clarity with PRC's PASS™ (PRC Application and Support Software)

    The PASS software also provides tools to help you create:

    • cheat sheets;
    • flashcards;
    • manual boards; and
    • vocabulary sorts.

    Go to www.prentrom.com/downloads to get your free copy of the PASS software.

    Clarity is a trademark of Liberator UK. ECO and PASS (PRC Application and Support Software) are trademarks of Prentke Romich Company (PRC).

    • Brand: PRC
    • Product Code: 14988-1
    • $100.00

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