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Freedom Switch

The Freedom Switch is a wireless switch that uses radio frequency to communicate with the host device and provides a reliable connection for switch activation. Two Freedom Switches can be used together for dual switch applications. The Freedom Switch works with the Accent® 1400, Accent 1000, Accent 800, and Accent 700.

Wired switches can also be connected to the Freedom Switch for single or two switch applications without the need of a Y stereo breakout cable. The power switch is located on the side for improved access – This allows switch to be easily turned ON/OFF, even when mounted. The switch can also be used as a hub for multiple switches.

Freedom Switch dimensions: Height 5/8" (.625); Diameter 3"

The Freedom Switch is available in Red, Green, Blue or Yellow. Colors are subject to availability.

  • Brand: PRC
  • Product Code: 17480-2
  • $150.00

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