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Look 1 Eye Tracking Module for Accent 1000-30 (Serial Number 10000AC10 and up)

  • Look 1 Eye Tracking Module for Accent 1000-30 (Serial Number 10000AC10 and up)

PRC-Saltillo's Look®, the latest in eye tracking technology, is now available for the Accent® 1000.

Small and light, Look offers equal or enhanced performance over other solutions. Look offers industry-leading ease of use and customizations for improving user performance.

Combined with its sleek design, low power consumption and robust performance, Look is an ideal access method for a wide variety of individuals with disabilities requiring the use of eye tracking.

Look provides the refinement necessary for specific populations. For individuals with progressive neurological diseases, Look has a full range of calibration and adjustment for speed of cursor movement, stability, dwell selection and timing to create a precise and accurate control required for extensive use for text, communication and control of the Windows environment.

Note: This module is for Accent 1000-30 devices with serial number 10000AC10 and up.

Device Features

Look has a large track box, providing freedom of movement and operation from a variety of positions. Combined with a very fast gaze recovery, Look can be used seamlessly and continuously.

Look is extremely precise for operating all PRC language options, up to 144 locations. With a range of calibration options, the user can choose the appropriate calibration for the right application. Cursor can be drawn at near real-time or based upon fixation, ensuring accurate user selection.

Look has a variety of performance adjustments available for cursor movement, selection and custom interfaces, improving efficiency and ease of use during communicative interactions. Look also works well with eyeglasses and contacts under a variety of lighting environments.


  • Simple to set up; attaches in seconds
  • Ideal for all ages and populations
  • Can be used by adults and children
  • An effective solution for ALS patients, cerebral palsy, Rett Syndrome and more

Includes 1-year warranty

User Performance

  • Fast and automatic calibration
  • Works with most glasses and contact lenses
  • Allows for single- and two-eye use
  • Brand: PRC
  • Product Code:18734-1-10
  • $6,900.00

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