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NovaChat 8.5 Keyguard

This Keyguard is specifically designed to line up with vocabulary files on the NovaChat® 8.5 model. It helps guide the user’s touch to targeted icons on the screen and reduce accidental button activations. Both standard and custom Keyguards are available.

Standard Keyguards for the NovaChat 8.5 are hinged, and are set to one line of text with 20 pt font size.  

Custom Keyguards for the NovaChat 8.5 are hinged.

When a custom Keyguard is selected, please provide the following details so we can build the keyguard to your specifications:

Number of Buttons/Arrangement

  • Total number of buttons
  • Number of rows
  • Number of columns
  • Vocabulary file you are using (if applicable)

Speech Display Bar Details

  • Number of lines
  • Font size
  • Font type


  • Turned off (default)
  • Turned on (must have only one line of text)

Device Serial Number

  • Located on the back of your device
  • $0.00

Available Options

Add to cart to start a quote.

Quotes can be generated in the payment options section of the checkout process.

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