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NuPoint Head Tracking for Accent 800 and Accent 1000

  • NuPoint Head Tracking for Accent 800 and Accent 1000

NuPoint® is an effective access solution for users who have limited or no use of their hands. Using optical sensors, NuPoint tracks a small reflective dot on the user’s forehead, glasses or other convenient spot converting the natural movement of the user’s head to accurately control the pointer on the screen. Key activations are made by dwelling over the desired key. Additional movement settings, like vertical and horizontal controls help customize control of the pointer to optimize the user’s accuracy and ease of use.

NuPoint is designed specifically to work with all compatible Accent devices and plugs directly into the device requiring no additional power or cables.

Requires an Accent 1000 with serial numbers 5000AC10 and above.

Requires an Accent 800 with serial numbers 3000AC8 and above.

Includes the Strap Handle, a softer alternative to the device's harder plastic handle.

  • Brand: PRC
  • Product Code:17416-11
  • $1,495.00

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