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Via® Pro Keyguard

  • Via® Pro Keyguard

A hinged keyguard specifically designed to line up with vocabulary files on the PRC-Saltillo Via Pro.

  •  Standard keyguards are available for both TouchChat® and LAMP Words for Life
  • Custom keyguards are available for TouchChat® only



·       TouchChat standard keyguards are provided with 15, 25, 42, 60 and 80 locations with a Speech Display Bar text font size of 30

·       LAMP Words or Life standard keyguards are compatible with 84 location and Speech Display Bar options with 1 line with keyguard or 2 line with keyguard



When a custom keyguard is selected, please provide the following details so we can build the keyguard to your specifications:


Number of Buttons/Arrangement

  • Total number of buttons
  • Number of rows
  • Number of columns
  • Vocabulary file you are using (if applicable)


Speech Display Bar Details

  • Number of lines
  • Font size
  • Font type


·       Turned off (default)

·       Turned on (must have only one line of text)


Device Serial Number

Located on the back of your device

  • $0.00

Available Options

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